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6th July, 2012 - July Newsletter

We're all going on a Summer Holiday

It's that time of the year again, and despite the lack of the sun shine, the band is winding down to the annual summer break. The last practice will be on the 27th July and we will return on Friday 7th September

Now, before you reach into the garage for your bucket and spade, spare a thought for your instrument. Of course, the best way to make sure that it remains in good working order is to practice frequently (remember ten minutes a day is much better, for you and the instrument than one hour once a week). Despite the fact that I am sure that most of you will spend most of the summer playing, if you do have a period where you know the instrument will not be used, be sure to "give it a bath" before you put it away,

It is a very simple process….fill a bath with water (unless you have a cornet when you may get away with a bowl) that is tepid (not hot or the lacquer will suffer). Add a little washing up liquid and let the instrument soak for30 minutes or so. Take the tuning slides out and empty out the water then refit them with a little slide grease added. Remove the valves ONE AT A TIME so you don't get them back in the wrong place, brush through the valve body, add a little valve oil and refit…….and that is it, your instrument will then have as good a summer as we hope that you have.
See you all in September.


There are several vacancies in the Intermediate band for cornets, baritones and basses. If you would like to have an audition, then please see Mark Chalklen or discuss with your band leader.

Birthday BBQ

Martlesham Brass will be sixteen years old this September and to celebrate there will be a BBQ held at the Benyon's house on the 2nd September. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. You should have received an invitation, but if not please see Sarah Cable, Chris Beale or your band leader. The cost of the event will be £2 per person, and we are asking for donated salads and desserts. Please come along an help us to celebrate in style.

Summer Fayre

A big, big THANK YOU to everyone for making this year's Summer Fayre a huge success. In total you managed to raise £980 for the band. The Olympic theme was well appreciated by all, although your editor was refused a go at the chocolate medals. We are all very much looking forward to next year, we are already planning games and races to challenge you all.

Cancelled Engagement

Please be aware that the engagement that we had booked for the 14th July at Emily Bray House has been cancelled.