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8th July, 2011 - July Newsletter

Summer Break

The band will be taking a break over the summer holidays. Final practice will be on the 29th of July with band starting again on the 2nd of September (just before the schools start back).

During this time, please ensure you keep your instrument in good working order. Give it a good clean (bath it in warm soapy water), and ensure the valves and slides are lubricated. It may also be wise to look at replacing springs and pads where appropriate. Speak to a bandleader if you are unsure what you should be doing.

15th Birthday BBQ

Hopefully all of you should have received invites to our band BBQ on the 3rd of September. Please try and return your slips and monies to your bandleader as soon as possible. If you haven't had an invitation please speak to your bandleader, or Sarah Cable.

Intermediate Band Positions

The Intermediate Band is looking for Cornet, Horn and Baritone players.
To apply, please speak to Mark Chalklen by the 15th of July, with players to start in September.

Main Band Positions

The Main Band is looking for 3rd Cornet players.
To apply, please speak to Adam Cable by the 15th of July, with players to start in September.

49 Club

A new session has just started. We currently have 3 numbers available, so please speak to Jayne Howlett if you are interested.

Beetle Drive

We have lined up our next Beetle Drive night to be on the 19th of November. Mark this date in your calendars as it's always a great night of fun and excitement, at speed!