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30th November, 2007 - December Newsletter

Christmas Concert

Concert tickets are on sale soon - as the Christmas Concert is nearly always a sell-out, it's wise to get your tickets ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Christmas Concert Uniform

Don't forget your bow-ties at our Christmas Concert, to go along with your long-sleeved white shirt (which buttons up at the collar and is tucked into the trousers!)

Band practices over the winter period

As the car park is too dark at the moment, we request that all parents must come in to collect their children in person to ensure their safety.

Wednesday Band

If you're struggling with what to do on a Wednesday evening, and want to do something different to your evening of home practice, why not come along to band practices on a Wednesday evening. They are held at Beacon Hill Primary School from 7 until 8:30pm.

Birthday card competition

Each year we redesign our Birthday Card which goes out to every member of the band. The time has come again, so why not get your creative juices flowing over the Christmas period, and see your local player rep with your design - good luck.

Coffee and Carols - 1st December

Come and listen to the Intermediate band play. Cakes and raffle prizes are required to supplement the music!

Carolling Focus

A best-dressed instrument competition is to be run throughout the carolling season. Prizes will be presented at our Christmas Concert (there will be various categories of winners).

As the Christmas period approaches we are currently getting together ticklists for completion so we can determine numbers of players and (just as important) collectors at each event. Please look out for these and complete them as soon as you can.

Parents - if you are dropping off your child for carolling, please let the bandleader know when you will be back to pick them up. However, why not stay around and help us collect - don't forget that collectors can be parents, friends and neighbours, as long as they're over 16.

And finally, as you will have seen on your ticklists, Sainsbury's have had to cancel their carolling engagements with us. We'd like to say a big thank you to Tesco's for accommodating us so eagerly.

And finally...


1 trombone stand wooden top part (varnish worn out) black plastic ball on top.

Left behind by gormless musician (who shall remain nameless) all information to Bruce please.