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6th October, 2006 - October Newsletter

Tea and Tunes

Tea and Tunes is taking part on Saturday the 4th of November at St. Michaels Church. It's from 10am until 12 noon, and will be a great way to support the Preliminary band and Martlesham Brass! Admission is free.

Newsletter Delivery

We're aware that sometimes the band newsletters do not find their way home. Don't forget that our web-site contains a copy of all the newsletters that are sent out (if you happen to lose yours!).
We've also recently introduced the ability to receive the band newsletter via e-mail - just sign-up @

Preliminary Practice And Pick-up

Following recent events, parents of children in the preliminary band are asked to drop off their children at the Scout Hut, but pick them up from inside St. Michaels Church. They will be supervised more efficiently there.

Valve Oil

The band has purchased another consignment of valve oil and trombone slide lube to give to band members; please speak to Mike B if you would like some for your instrument.

Wednesday Night Practice

Wednesday night practices continue to take place at Beacon Hill Primary School. They are from 7pm to approximately 8.30, and there is no extra charge on your subs for attendance. This is a great way to play different parts and different music with the Band.