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26th May, 2006 - May Newsletter

Norwich - Results

Congratulations go to all those who played at the EABBA Norwich contest; you all played really well and really did Martlesham Brass well against "strong" opposition. Unfortunately we placed 8th of 8, but next year we have a much better chance in the B section.
Solo contest - Results
Here are the results from the Solo Contest. Congratulations to all the winners.

1st - Alexander Pidd
2nd - Megan Claxton
3rd - Isaac Mace

1st - Jonathan Howard
2nd - Joe Mace
3rd - Samantha Bullard

1st - Chris Beale
2nd - Claire Hodge
3rd - Caroline King

1st - Greg Pocock
2nd - Lisa Hodge
3rd - Sarah Lodge

1st - Emily Rouse and Katherine Pidd
2nd - The Pink Girls
3rd - The Mace Brothers

1st - Christian Fellowship
2nd - Lisa and Claire Hodge
3rd - The Old Gits

1st - Hell's Angels
2nd - Be Sharpe
3rd - Be Naturale


News from your fundraising committee

You will soon be receiving an envelope with Grand Summer Draw tickets, please make every effort to sell these to as many people as possible! This is a huge fundraiser for the band and some great prizes have been secured including: £100 cash prize, meal and match at ITFC, £20 Black Tiles and Douglas Bader vouchers, cinema, swimming and bowling tickets plus much more! If you sell all your tickets and need more please don't hesitate to speak to Jayne or Chris.

The spring concert is nearly upon us, just a reminder that we will be holding a raffle at this event and raffle prizes are always welcome.

For those of you that have missed Jayne running around with a tape measure we are about to place an order for our birthday t-shirts. Just to confirm that the under 18's will be given t-shirts by the band. If any members missed being measured we should have some spares.

Confirmation of venues: Alternative Talents Evening - Cedarwood Primary School, Grange Farm, Kesgrave (Sat 2nd September) Birthday Party - Kesgrave Community Centre (Sat 16th September). More details will follow closer to the time. Don't forget the car treasure hunt will be held Saturday 1st July - details to follow in June's newsletter.


We currently have places free in both the Main and Intermediate bands. We're therefore inviting people to audition for these places, which will occur on the 2nd and 9th June. The Main Band has a Flugel Horn seat available (please speak to Bruce or Paul regarding this position) and the Intermediate Band has Solo and Repiano Cornet positions (please speak to Adam).

We do try to make the auditions as painless as possible - please speak to any Bandleader if you have concerns. If you are auditioning, please ensure that you bring along a piece of music that you feel confident in playing (this can be a part you play at band, if you wish).

The Bandleaders

10th Anniversary Piece

As part of our tenth birthday celebrations, we're intended to write a band piece. If anyone wishes to contribute, please get in contact with me!