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21st November, 2018 - November Newsletter

Christmas Concert

Our Christmas Concert will be on the 15th of December, featuring all bands. Please invite friends and family along; tickets will be available at band practices, online or on the door.

Gippeswyk Singers Concert

On the 6th of January, the Main Band are in concert with the Gippeswyk Singers. Tickets are £5 and available to reserve from Adam. Past events have sold out, so please get in early!

Token Schemes

We have been awarded £200 from Waitrose from their green token scheme. Thank you to everyone who supported us!
John Lewis in Ipswich has now decided to support us over the next THREE MONTHS as part of their Community Matters scheme to be awarded a share of £3000! Please share with family and friends and pop your tokens in now!! Thank you for all your support!

Christmas Carolling

This year our three charities are The Stroke Association, Martlesham Community Responders and Tiffers The Bus Shelter. As well as people playing we also require volunteers to help us collect.

Practice arrangements

The last practice before Christmas will be on the 21st of December with Band starting back on the 4th of January.

Throughout December Inters will meet in the Scout Hut and Prelims in the Church.

Bonus ball winners

September Bonus ball winners:
Judith Shelly, Andrew Stevens, Blank no. 44, Ady Cassidy, Colin Hodge Big prize

October bonus ball winners:
Lucy Weaver, Russ family, Michael Davies, Blank number 56 and 53