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11th September, 2017 - September Newsletter

Christmas fundraising

It is time to think about charities for this year's Christmas fundraising! Each year, carolling raises money for charities chosen by the band members. Please make your suggestions to bandleaders.

Band 21st Birthday Sunday lunch - Sunday 1st October - 12pm

The Douglas Bader
If you would like to join us for a meal, please contact Sarah by Friday 15th September.

Band Door Rep:

We are looking for people to be on the door at Band on a Friday evening as at the moment there are only three of us on the rota. If just one more person joined us it would mean each of us covering just one duty a month. The job is not onerous and only requires you to sit in the foyer of St Michaels from just after 6.30pm until Inters/Prelims/Beginners have finished. We feel it is good to have an adult present on the door. You may be asked to sell tickets for events and write any instructions or information on the white board. If you feel able to help please see Mary Aldous, Liz Benyon or Jean Freeman.

Hall Arrangements:

Hall Arrangements for September:
Inters in scout hut.
Prelims in church.

The Woodbridge maritime event on 9th September has been postponed.

There will be a Grand draw as part of the birthday concert, prizes had already been donated.

Bonus Ball scheme

We have spare numbers in our bonus ball scheme!
If you want to take part you will be allocated a number and asked to pay 50p a week (for ease this is paid in ten week instalments) For 9 weeks you have the chance to win £10, the tenth week you can win a larger prize of £30 (this can vary depending on participation). The winning number is determined by the bonus ball drawn on Saturday night's lotto draw. So, come on and join the fun! Plus, It's a great fundraiser for the band!
The bonus ball winners over the summer were:
Liz Benyon, Jayne Howlett, Helen Arthur, Ady Cassidy, Colin Hodge, Sarah and Adam,
Michelle Massey.