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6th May, 2005 - May Newsletter


It's May already and, believe it or not, we'll have the summer upon us soon. Coming up we have the eternal joys of Norwich, which I presume we're all looking forward to like it's our birthdays, and millions of other events over the summer period. GCSE's are starting soon, year 10 mocks are well on the way and year 9 SATS are already underway, so I'd like to wish the best of luck to y'all in your exams, whether they be gone, tomorrow or on the 22nd of May (Cripes! Better start revising…). Anyways, do what you do best and have a good month. Chris.


Need I say more. The East Anglian Brass Band Association's Norwich Spring Contest is SUNDAY. For the Youth Band, there is a quick refresher practice on Saturday, from 10-12 am at St. Michael's Church. For the Main Band, there will be an additional practice from 12-1pm. Some more good news:



Those of you making your own way there will have to be at the venue at 10.30am on Sunday.

It's a job…

… and someone's gotta do it. Mike, Sarah and the rest of the helpers with the Beginners, in response to a plea in the last newsletter (The Beginners Need Your Help, March 2005), have had some extra help, but (as mums of small children will know) they still need more. If any Main Band player or parent who has a fairly decent knowledge of music could spare an hour and a bit to help our beloved beginner section out, all those who are doing an excellent job of it already would be really pleased for it. If you're unsure, speak to Mike or Sarah at practice.

Jumping off a building and hoping the rope holds Abseil

Finally we've been accepted on the Charity Abseil on Sunday the 10th of July. We've got the conformation, the letters are out, the sponsor forms are modified, and the only thing we need now, is… your generosity. It doesn't really matter which of us lunatics brave souls you donate to, but just donate to one of us! All the money is going to the band, and if you chickens persons who decided against doing it pull together, we can make this a really worthwhile event. Oh, and only tick the gift aid column on the sponsor form if you're a tax payer.

We're all going on a…

… August holiday. Therefore, there'll be no practices at all throughout August. Don't forget!!!