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9th June, 2017 - June Newsletter

Would you like to get involved in our Bonus Ball scheme?

If you want to take part you will be allocated a number and asked to pay 50p a week (for ease this is paid in ten week instalments) For 9 weeks you have the chance to win £10, the tenth week you can win a larger prize of £30 (this can vary depending on participation). The winning number is determined by the bonus ball drawn on Saturday nights lotto draw. So come on and join the fun! Plus, It's a great fundraiser for the band!

Band Summer Picnic - Saturday 24th June from 4pm -

Performers needed
St Michaels church has been booked for this informal event, all band families are invited to bring along a picnic and join in the fun. We will provide board games and rounder's, football etc. we are also looking for performers to entertain the crowds! We will be setting up an "open mike" stage for our members to show off their performing talents, no restrictions (just family friendly!) there will also be a hamper raffle to cover the church costs, we will be asking for donations a few weeks before. Please put the date in your diary and dust off those picnic hampers.

Date of last practice before the summer break:

Friday 21st July

Our first practice back will be on:

Friday 1st Sept.

Practice arrangements for June

Prelims are in the church and Inters are in the scout hut.
There is no scout hall on the 7th June so there will be a joint practice for both prelims and inters in the church.

Band 21st Birthday Sunday lunch - Sunday 1st October - The Douglas Bader - Register your interest now!

We are currently talking to the Bader about booking a band Sunday lunch, numbers will be restricted (we think 40-50) so we are asking for you to register your interest NOW as tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis. A fixed price menu will be available with a number of choices plus a children's menu option. Deposits will be collected before the summer break. Please speak to Sarah Cable to get on the list. Of course, if you don't fancy a lunch you can join us for drinks.