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10th February, 2017 - February Newsletter

Martlesham Brass AGM

It will soon be time for the AGM on 10th March at 7:30pm. All are welcome! There will be a shorter inters and prelims practice on this day. Please stay on and join us for the AGM if you can. There will be coffee and cakes!

Prelim's Tea and Tunes

Please join us for 'Tea and Tunes' with the Prelims on:
25th February 2017

Cake donations would be gratefully received.

Social dates for your diary....

Beetle Bingo Social with chips - Saturday 25th March. St Michaels Church - 6.30pm
Tickets on sale soon - £3 no food, £5 sausage chips, £8 fish and chips
For those lovers of Beetle drives and Bingo! Come and join in the fun and a chance to show off your artistic Beetle drawing skills!
Summer Social - 24th June, 4pm St Michaels - Band Family Picnic, rounder's competition and indoor board games (for those less energetic!!)
Sunday 1st October - 21st Birthday Celebration Sunday lunch - we are investigating the possibility of a band Sunday lunch at a local pub, please keep an eye out for further information closer to the time.


We have 2 large hoodies still available. Please ask at band if you would like to purchase one: £15 each.

If you need some more uniform please ask Simon.


The Main Band currently has a back-row cornet vacancy. Please speak to your bandleader if you wish to apply.

Practice arrangements for March

Prelims will practice in the scout hut and inters are in the church.

Martlesham Brass Bonus Ball, what's it all about?

Have you ever read the newsletter and wondered what the bonus ball is all about? Well first and foremost it's a great fundraiser for the band :-) plus you get a chance to win money!
If you want to take part you will be allocated a number and asked to pay 50p a week (for ease this is paid in ten week instalments £5) for 9 weeks you have the chance to win £10, the tenth week you can win a larger prize of £30 (this can vary depending on participation) the winning number is determined by the bonus ball drawn on Saturday nights lotto draw.
We currently have 10 numbers spare so go on, join in the fun. A new ten week period is about to start so it's the perfect time, please email Jayne Howlett to get your number.
Winners for December were: Maggie Fisher, Howard family, Becky Chalklen, Emma Jarvis, Jayne Howlett,
Russ family.
Winners for January were: Kevin Rose, Howard Family and Caroline Hodge.