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18th November, 2016 - November Newsletter

Christmas Carolling

Collectors (over 18s) are needed for carolling. Please use the tick sheet that will come home from band. Band members -please attend as many carolling sessions you can. The more people attend the more fun it will be!!
All players are welcome to all outside carolling jobs, so if you can make a session ear marked for another band, please come along. Please try and make at least one outside carolling job, the more you make the easier it is for everyone...
We're really proud as a charity ourselves of being able to give to charity at this time of year. Please fill out your tick lists and return as soon as possible.

Christmas Charities

We will be collecting for the following charities this Christmas:

Cruse Bereavement Care Suffolk

Over the rainbow children's charity

Tools with a mission

Practise arrangements

Inters will remain in the church until 2/12/16 and will move to the scout hut on 9/12/16.

Prelims will remain in Scout Hut on 2/12/16 and will move back to the church on 9/12/16.

Date of last practice will be 16th December- restart 6th January

Last chance to order hoodies

Saturday 26th November is the final order for hoodies, please don't forget to order yours, £20 approx.

Wednesday band at the school will stop from January.

Bonus ball for October

Blank number 55
Colin Hodge
Blank number 53
Helen and Sam Arthur
Barbara Ellis

Numbers are available to buy now, a new session has just started. Enquiries to Jayne Howlett.

Autumn Social - Saturday 19th November

6.30-7.30 - 20th Birthday Quiz - 20 quick fire questions.
6.45-7.30 - Round 1 - Play whoever you like at whatever you like
7.30-8.00 - Food
8.00-8.15 - Surprise Round!
8.15-9.00 - Round 2!

Tickets on sale up to Friday 18th.

£8 Fish and Chips
£5 Sausage and Chips
£3 Non-eating ticket