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8th April, 2016 - April Newsletter

Main Band Movie and TV Themes Concert

16th April, 7pm St Michael's Church
Tickets now available. Please bring lots of friends and family to help bring a big audience.

St George's Day Parade- 24th April

Important information
This year we are back in the Spa Pavilion (hurray!).
We will be parading from the Seafront near the Leisure Centre at 2:30pm, back to the Spa to play during their service.
Please can you arrive at the Spa Pavilion by 2:00pm so that we can setup, run through the pieces, and make our way over to the Leisure Centre.
Please note that there will likely be some road closures, and as there is no parking available at the Spa, please aim to arrive in good time.

Instrument Issues

If you have an issue with your instrument, please let your bandleader know. We can fix most things.

Martlesham Brass AGM

If anyone missed Adam's Martlesham Brass AGM presentation - here's how we're going to tend to the Martlesham Brass garden this year...
5 rows of Peas:
- Presence - Promptness - Preparation - Practice - Perseverance

3 rows of Squash:
- Squash negativity - Squash thoughts about what you can't do
- Squash nerves (well as best as you can!)

5 rows of Lettuce:
- Let us be supporting of others - Let us be considerate to each other
- Let us be open to new ideas - Let us be ambitious - Let us enjoy what we do

4 rows of Turnips:
- Turn up to rehearsals - Turn up with new ideas - Turn up with enthusiasm - Turn up with a smile

Bonus Ball Club

The lucky March winners are:
Sean Marner
Matt Ellis
Caroline King
Chalklen Family
Sarah Cable
There are still plenty of numbers available, join in the fun, only 50p a week!

Contacting old MB members

We would like to invite as many former Martlesham Brass members to our 20th birthday celebration weekend (24/25 September) as possible. However, we don't have everyone's up to date contact details. If this is anyone you know that is an ex member of the band and you still keep in touch - please let Jayne Howlett know. It would be good to see as many people over the weekend as possible.