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7th March, 2016 - March Newsletter

Tea and Tunes

12th March, 10-12, St Michael's Church.
Come to support and listen to the Preliminary Band.
Chocolate donations would be welcome at the next band practice, please give to your bandleader (who promises not to eat any!)
We would also appreciate any donations of raffle prizes for this event.

Main Band Concert

16th April, 7pm St Michael's Church
Another date for your diary.
Hear the Main Band perform some movie and TV themes!
Tickets available soon. Please bring lots of friends and family to help bring a big audience.

Practice arrangements for March

Inters are in the scout hut during March. Prelims are in the church.

There will be no band practice on Friday 25th March.

Bonus Ball club - aka 49 club

Bonus Ball club
The lucky February winners are:
The Shelley Family
Ady Cassidy
Barbara Ellis
Blank number 55!

there are still plenty of numbers available, join in the fun, only 50p a week!

Contacting old MB members

We would like to invite as many old band members to our 20th birthday celebration weekend (24/25 September) as possible, however we don't have everyone's up to date contact details. If there is anyone you know was in the band and you still keep in touch with can you please email Jayne Howlett
with their contact details? It would be good to see as many people over the weekend as possible.