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10th June, 2005 - June Newsletter


Hi there… Firstly, I'd like to say a big huge well done to everyone who took part in the E.A.B.B.A. Spring Contest last month - you all did Martlesham Brass proud! Above you can see just a selection of the cups and batons and other nice things we won there! Also well done to those of you who have had exams over the past few weeks, and good luck for any you may have to come. Anyways, I'd better go revise some more. See you in July (if I survive that long). Chris.

Summer Fayre 18th June

Saturday 18th June 2005 sees the highlight of the Suffolk Social Scene with the Annual Martlesham Brass Summer Fayre. Taking place on Martlesham Green from early afternoon right into the evening, all players should be at this event! As well as the opportunity for all Bands to show their talents off, there will be loads of stalls, games and food throughout the day. In the evening there will be football and rounders competitions + a BBQ. The Spring Fayre is an opportunity to have a really good fun social day for the Band   Members, as well as raise loads of money for the Band. PLEASE be there!!! PLEASE sell as many draw tickets as you can!! PLEASE drag along every family member, friend, neighbour you can think of!!

While we're at it, draw tickets are being distributed. Please sell them all because all of the money goes to the band and there are some great prizes! If you need any more tickets, please speak to Chris Beale. We also need helpers on the stalls at the event, so if you have a bit of free time please come along and give us a hand. Matt E.

Please Help The Beginners

Saying that, more specifically Mike, Sarah, Greg and Rob who spend a while of their time before they go on to Main band on Fridays helping the beginners to play. They've received a great amount of help from the parents who come along and give moral support, but now they need people with a bit more musical experience to come along and give them a hand - especially YOU, Main Band players. It's a very rewarding time, and for just arriving an hour earlier for Band you can help the next generation of players to continue the Martlesham Brass legacy.

Gigs and Events

As the Band heads into what is probably its busiest time of the year, with a Gig or Event nearly every weekend between now and August, it is crucial that all players do their absolute upmost to be at all of their Gigs, and if, for any reason you are not going to be there please let your Band Leader know. If you have been given a tick sheet to fill in for your availability please get it back to your Bandleader a.s.a.p. and if for any reason you cannot make a gig at the last minute please try and get a message to your Bandleader - if you don't already have a contact number for them please ask. The Gigs and Events that the Band take on throughout the course of the  year are crucial in order for us to fund all the great things we do (Band Fayre, Brett Baker etc etc) and they fund the replacement and repair of YOUR instruments. Please, please, please support your Band this summer! Matt E.

Brett Baker 16th July

The 16th July 2005 will be a real treat for every member of the Band. Principal Trombone with the Black Dyke Mills Band, Brett Baker, will be working with the Band all day, with a workshop in the afternoon for all Band Members, followed by a Concert in the Evening to show off all that Brett has taught us. Both the Workshop and the Concert will be held in the Woodbridge Methodist Church. Opportunities to work with players of this quality do not happen very often (excluding your Bandleaders of course) and anyone who has heard one of Brett's recordings will appreciate just how amazing he is - the guy is incredible!! The Band have invested a lot of money in getting this event off the ground, because we really believe it will be beneficial for every single member - but, in order to benefit you HAVE TO BE THERE!! Also, the concert will be an amazing opportunity for the audience to hear a true great of the Brass Banding world, so naturally everyone you know will want a ticket - make sure they book quickly so as not to be disappointed. This event WILL be a sell out. Tickets are priced at £3 Band members, £5 non-band members.

There will be no practices in August.

At all. Full Stop. Don't forget or you'll look really silly.

Abseil '05

Please Please Please sponsor the brave souls doing the abseil - all the money comes back to the band for groovy stuff like new stands (to replace those, ahem, interesting plastic-screwed ones) and music (like Amarillo, which Paul has ordered for the Inters. Run while you have the chance. No, seriously.).

If anyone has any band music at home that they keep meaning to bring back or have only just uncovered, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it in and pass it on to your bandleader. Thanks.

Music on the Green is just around the corner and we're having a Martlesham Brass stall there. If you would like to help us out on that, please speak to Chris Beale.

Parent Reps.

      Parents: did you know you have represantives on the Main Committee? There's one for each band, and any queries you have should be directed to them. They come along to each committee meeting and are there to express your views; sometimes they don't have much to say. Please speak to your bandleader if you're not sure who  your rep is.