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7th March, 2014 - March Newsletter


We will soon start planning our grand summer fayre, as many of you know this is a major fundraising event for the band and any offers of Jayne Howlett to express your interest/pass on your idea.
Also, you may be aware that Martlesham Brass Band will be 18 years old this September and it would be nice to organise an 18th Birthday party, please email Jayne if you have any ideas for how you would like to celebrate.

Concert with Peterborough Young Singers - Peterborough 29th March

This event is for the Main band a coach will be leaving at 11:00am, rehearsal 3:00pm-5:00pm with the concert starting at 7:00pm. There are 15 spaces free on the coach which band can offer on a first come first served basis. Costs for the tickets to the concert are £7. If you are interested in going please see the bandleaders

Intermediates- third cornet

The Intermediate band has a space for third cornet. If you are interested in the position please speak to the Mark Chalken.

BBb Bass

Ever fancied playing a BBb Bass, or could your school make use of one? Free to a good home..... Besson "Prototype" 3 valve BBb Bass. Built in 1901, in good playable condition, but needs a polish. Complete with tatty but sound hard case and mouthpiece. If interested contact Mike Brierley.

Band Hoodies

We are gathering some information regarding band hoodies. These are black with a gold logo. They will not be part of the uniform, they are optional.
The likely cost will be £20.00 for adults £13.00 for a child .

49 Club winners

Please help raise band funds and join in the fun. There are still spare numbers please contact Jayne.
Last month's winners are:
Howard family,Mike Brierley, Colin Hodge, Kevin Rose (big prize) and George Fricker