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22nd November, 2019 - Christmas Newsletter

Christmas Carolling

Our confirmed Christmas Carolling programme is now available. We have lots of exciting opportunities to perform. Please make sure you wear the appropriate footwear, dress up nice and warm, and where possible, try not to bring instrument cases.

Band Jackets are available for those that don't currently have one - please speak to Simon Chalklen if you would like one.

If any Adults are able to help collect during our Carolling sessions, please come along!

Recent Bonus Ball winners

Rachel George, Brian Hawkins, Di Russ and Sarah and Adam.
We have had three weeks where blank, unpurchased numbers have won! If you would like to buy a number (50p a week) please see Jayne for more details.

Date for 2020 - Martlesham Brass Quiz night

Saturday 1st February

Practice arrangements

Throughout December Inters will meet in the Church and Prelims in the Scout Hut.
Coffee and Carols - Saturday 14th December

Advanced warning, we will be requiring you to hone your "bake off" skills and make the cake stall the best ever!

Also, if you (or you know people) would like to run a stall at this event please let Jayne/Sarah know. In the past we have had a variety of stalls including crafts, books, toiletries. All we ask for is a small donation towards the band Christmas fund for the 'pitch'. See below!

Band Christmas card

In our bid to be a little more environmentally friendly we are going to provide our big Martlesham Brass Christmas Card again this year. The idea is to save writing out endless Christmas cards to other band members, you can just write one message to the band family in one card. The card will be at practice all of December. All we ask is that you make a small donation to our band Christmas fund.

Coffee & Carols - CAKES PLEASE!

On Saturday 14th December at St Michael's Church from 10-12 we are holding our annual event Coffee and Carols, featuring the brilliant Intermediate Band!
We will be serving hot chocolates, having a fabulous hamper raffle and of course our famous Cake Stall!
We are asking for donations for the cake stall please - if you could bring them to band on Friday before or on the morning of coffee and carols that would be fantastic! If the cakes need to be in the fridge, please ensure they are put in the fridge in the kitchen of St Michael's on Friday night. Furthermore, we are asking Intermediate Band players to bring an item for the Hamper Raffle - please see Sue Lovie or Mark Chalklen if you haven't signed up to bring something.
Thank you so much for your support. Please remember no nuts in the cakes!
Sarah Cable and the Fundraising Team