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16th March, 2018 - March Newsletter

Hospice Choir Concert

Sunday 29th April

St Andrews Church, Melton.

The St Elizabeth Hospice Choir will be joining the Main Band rehearsal on Friday 6th of April to run through our joint programme.

Spring concert and workshop

Saturday 19th March

Paul Duffy, soprano cornet player formally of the world famous Black Dyke Band, will be joining us for our Spring concert!

He will also be hosting workshops for all bands during the day.

9-12 - Main Band
1:30-3 - Everyone else

Practice arrangements

Throughout April Inters will meet in the church and prelims in the scout hut.

There will be no band practice on Good Friday (30th March).

Bonus ball winners

Please help keep this going by purchasing a number.
For 50p a week, you are allocated a number. For 9 weeks you have the chance to win £10, the tenth week you can win a larger prize of £30 (this can vary depending on participation). The winning number is determined by the bonus ball drawn on Saturday night's lotto draw.

Winners this month:

Russ family
Blank number 13
Matt Aldous
Ady Cassidy