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6th October, 2017 - October Newsletter

Remembrance Day events

Please confirm if you are able to play on 12th November and let your band leader know.

Quiz night - any quiz masters out there?

We are playing to hold a quiz night on Saturday 27th January 2018 and are looking for a quiz master! Please let Jayne know if you are interested in helping out.

Spaces available

Intermediate Band

There are spaces available in inters for back row cornets, Euphonium, Baritone and Flugel.

Main Band

There are spaces available in the Main Band for back-row Cornet players.

Please speak to your Bandleader if you are interested.

Christmas fundraising

We need ideas for charities for this year's Christmas fundraising! Carolling raises money for charities chosen by the band members. Please make your suggestions to bandleaders.

We are looking for any parents/ family or friends to help collect during Christmas carolling. We are always really grateful if you are able to collect. Please let the band leaders know.

Bonus Ball scheme

We have spare numbers in our bonus ball scheme!
If you want to take part you will be allocated a number and asked to pay 50p a week (for ease this is paid in ten week instalments) For 9 weeks you have the chance to win £10, the tenth week you can win a larger prize of £30 (this can vary depending on participation). The winning number is determined by the bonus ball drawn on Saturday night's lotto draw. So, come on and join the fun! Plus, It's a great fundraiser for the band!

The bonus ball winners for September were:

Becky Chalklen, Liz Benyon, Russ family, Howard family.

Hall Arrangements:

Hall Arrangements for October:
Inters in church.
Prelims in scout hut.