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8th July, 2016 - July Newsletter

20th Birthday weekend 24/25 September 2016

The plans are coming together for our exciting weekend of birthday celebrations!
Here is a reminder of what the weekend will look like:

Saturday day - a band workshop with the world famous Brett Baker!
Saturday evening -a concert with Brett Baker.
Sunday morning - a celebration church service with St Michaels.
Sunday lunch/afternoon - our birthday BBQ.

To make it really easy all events will be held at St Michaels.
For those who are new to MB, BBQ invites will be sent out before the summer break. The band provide the BBQ food (for a minimal charge) and we ask you to donate a side dish or desert. This is always beautifully coordinated by Sarah Cable, so if you have a specialty please let us know when you rsvp.
We are planning to invite all current and past members of MB to the whole weekend, if you are in contact with any past members please let them know about our plans.

The Wednesday Group is looking for new recruits!

We meet from 7:00 to 8.30 on a Wednesday evening at Martlesham Primary Academy in Black Tiles Lane. We play mainly small group music for enjoyment rather than performance although we are always happy to grab an opportunity should one come along! Everyone is welcome - speak to Fred Ixer if you want more information.

Bonus ball

Winners for June!

Sean Marner
John Hindmarsh
2 blank unsold numbers!
We currently have 5 unsold numbers, please let Jayne know if you would like to take part, only 50p a week and you will be supporting band funds.


Our last practice will be a joint rehearsal on 29th July.
We restart 2nd September.

Prelims will be in the Scout Hut and inters will be in the church for September practices.

Over the summer don't forget to clean your instruments - put them in the bath, oil valves etc.