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8th July, 2005 - July Newsletter

Congratulations to those of you who have completed exams since I last played scribe, I hope you didn't find it too stressful. You can all look forward to a nice long summer holiday!

Abseil '05

(Those of you who are doing it check the letter you got with the sponsor form for more info on arrival times etc.)

Please Please Please sponsor us brave souls doing the abseil - all the money comes back to the band for groovy stuff, e.g. new instruments; we don't do this for nowt, you know. We've got quite a bit at the moment, but that is NO EXCUSE not to sponsor someone. It's impossibly scary up there, and we want to make the terrification worth it!

Auditions will be taking place on FRIDAY the 9th of SEPTEMBER for Cornet, Euphonium and Baritone places in the Main Band. If you think that you would like to audition, please speak to your bandleader about it. It is promised that you will know whether you have got the position you auditioned for BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER.

Attached to the back of this newsletter is an Instrument Audit / Inventory Check form. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill these in ASAP and give them to Colin Hodge or Nicol Parker, or leave them on the table at band practice. This is very important, because it helps us check instrument allocation, and keep track of the instruments we own.

Summer Fayre 18th June

The Summer Fayre went down a resounding success, and congratulations to those who played: you all sounded GREAT. All the people watching really enjoyed it, and everything else went down well also. We raised a grand total of £697.20 profit, so well done on that as well.

There will be no practices in August.

The last Friday practice will be the 29th of July, and the first practice back will be the 2nd of September. The last Wednesday practice will be the 20th of July, and the first back will be the 7th of September. Don't say I didn't tell you!

If anyone has any band music at home that they keep meaning to bring back or have only just uncovered, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it in and pass it on to your bandleader or Paul Benyon. There's some pieces we're running seriously short of parts for.

Music on the Green is tomorrow and we're having a Martlesham Brass merchandise and sweety stall there. If you would like to help us out on that, any time of the day, please speak to Chris Beale. Don't forget Inters are kicking it all off at 10.30 until 11.00, and Main Band are playing from either 4.00 till 4.30 or 4.30 till 5.00.

Parent Reps For All

Parents: did you know you have representatives on the Main Committee? No? Well you do now. There's one for each band, and any queries you have should be directed to them. They're your voice about what goes on at band, and the way the organisation works. They come along to each committee meeting and are there to express your views; sometimes they don't have much to say. The reps are Joy Porter and Colin Hodge - they need your input!

A big Thank You goes out to John and Elaine, who provided the excellent barbeque at the summer fayre. All who tasted it loved it!

Rather than suffering with a sticky valve or a stuck slide during practice, please speak to Mike because it is rumoured that he has buckets of valve oil and slide grease that he'd be more than willing to give to you.

Brett Baker

Brett is coming to work with us on the 15th and 16th of July. Brett is Black Dyke's principal trombonist, and is viewed as one of Europe's leadiing brass players and teachers. Before the age of twenty five he had won every major brass band competiton, and is currently the most recorded trombone soloist in the brass band movement, appearing in over twenty five CDs. He is a past trombone solo champion of Great Britain, and is an associate of the Royal College of Music. He also became, in 2001, a clinicial for the instrument makers Besson.

The Brett Baker weekend is something that no-one should miss out on, and the concert on the Saturday night is going to be one to remember. Please do come along to as many as the practices and rehearsals that you can, and make this a really worthwhile event.